Super-Gods: Not As Good As A Three-some with Catwoman & Poison Ivy… But Close

October 3rd, 2011

Super-Gods” by Grant Morrison:
Not As Good As A Three-some with Catwoman & Poison Ivy… But Close.
By Ashley Naftule

Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? Why does Superman wear his underwear on the outside? These are the great mysteries of life, the questions that hound us as though we are foxes darting through an English forest, trying to keep two steps ahead of the snapping jaws of incomprehension. And while the first two questions will probably remain forever unanswerable, at least we can finally solve the Riddle of Outer-Underwear, thanks to Grant Morrison’s “Supergods”.

Before I continue, I just want to take a moment to point out that I’m highly biased here. I’m a huge Grant Morrison fan-boy. If he were to materialize in front of me right now as I’m typing this, I would ask him to sign all my “Doom Patrol” books and then I would lick the top of his shiny bald head. His comic work can be brilliant, inscrutable, pop, dense, light as a feather, sexy, eerie, high concept, dumb as a rock, avant-garde, hopelessly retro, and often times, it’s a combination of 75% of those traits. Aside from Alan Moore, the other capital-g Great occultist/comic writer that England has conjured up, no one is pushing the limits and potential of comics as an art form as hard and as far as Morrison is doing. His “Pop Magic!“ essay in DisInfo’s “Book Of Lies” was the straw that broke my agnostic back and got me into actually performing the magical rituals I read about. He’s done the impossible in his “All Star Superman” books by making Superman F-U-N again. I’ve discovered dozens of bands, writers, philosophers, and film-makers who’ve greatly impacted my worldview, based on references and names Morrison has dropped in both his independent and mainstream comics work. He’s the Cat’s Meow, in other words, the motherfucking Bees’ Knees.

So the odds of my not liking “Supergods” were astronomical, to say the least. And though I hate to disappoint all those bookies out there hoping to make their nut on my disliking the book, I can say (with no surprise) that I loved it. “Supergods” is a great book. And if you love comic books, kurtlar vadisi pusu 132. bölüm izle its an essential read. I have a few quibbles about it, but I’ll save them for after I enumerate the book’s fine qualities.

Most of “Supergods” is a history of comics framed through mythology. So not only do we get the history of Superman’s creation at the hands of Siegel and Shuster, we also get to hear lesser known facts of the hero’s origin (that Superman was originally supposed to be a Socialist icon, a totem of the working man standing up against the big-wigs and corporate scum) and we also get to see Superman’s archetypal significance. Morrison brings his occultist perspective to bear on all the great super-heroes, showing how they represent not just aspects of our nature, but idealized aspects of our nature. The title says it all: “Supergods”. The new gods of the 21st century, in Morrison’s estimation, IS the superhero. Superman is our Apollo, our Christ. Clark Kent died for our sins at the hand of Doomsday, only to be born again as our Electric Blue Messiah.

He makes a good case, too, for illustrating how popular characters like The Flash and Batman embody mythological characters, by not only pointing to the stories themselves but by giving us insight into the lives of their creators. In pointing out how incredibly kinky and weird the original “Wonder Woman” comics are, Morrison also points out how the creator of “WW” was also an S&M aficionado wife-swapper… who, in addition to creating the Lasso Of Truth in the four color world, ALSO invented the polygraph in the real world.

What’s refreshing about “Supergods” is that Morrison doesn’t come across as cynical about comic books. He embraces the very things about comics that some many of its lovers apologize for, like tangled up continuities, ridiculous plot lines & deus ex machina cop-outs. He talks about how, before he became Mr. Grim & Gritty, Batman used to fight magicians and flowers that had peoples‘ faces on them. And I’ve got to admit, after reading Morrison’s descriptions of those early Dadaist Batman stories, I kinda wished Bats would go back to fighting magical flowers again. In Morrison’s view, children are much more sophisticated at reading fiction than adults, because they don’t waste time asking idiotic questions like “who changes the tires on the Batmobile” and “how does the Hulk’s pants survive his transformations” , because kids know its just a story and these things just happen because the story needs them to. It seems that’s what Morrison regrets about the comic industry today, that it’s trying to be more realistic and grounded to appeal to adults who insist that their art doesn’t embarrass them, when the greatest advantage comics has over books and cinema is that it can be totally batshit crazy.

He also throws in some biographical stuff, talking about his experiments with cross-dressing, his alien abduction experiences, his childhood in the U.K., and his years playing in bands that never went anywhere. It doesn’t feel out of place with the comics history/theory (and his digressions into talking about the occult and the nature of reality is really interesting), though it does get just a little bit tiring reading about the author talking about how awesome his life was and his. Granted, the man’s life does sound really awesome, but still. It can be a bit much.

My other beef: for a man who writes compelling comics about battling authority and questioning reality, he does an awful lot of excuse-making for the comic industry when talking about how comic creators like Shuster & Siegel got screwed out of their royalties. On an unrelated note: one of the delights of the book is seeing just how envious he is of Alan Moore and how hard he tries to hide it, but fails. Reading his analysis of “Miracle Man” & “Watchmen” is fascinating not just for its insight into their impacts on comics, but for how obviously reluctant he is to give Moore props (which he does, but in subtly back-handed ways).

“Supergods” is a fun, compelling read. It’s heady and thoughtful without being bogged down in jargon. If you really want to know why the Bat logo on Batman’s chest is yellow, why Jack Kirby’s “New Gods” didn’t get the reception they deserved, and why Superman rocks the red briefs on the outside, “Supergods” has the answers you seek. As for the other great life mysteries… well, dear reader, you’re on your own.

DESERT DEMENTIA, A Dr. Demento Showcase: Sat. Oct. 8th

September 12th, 2011

In today’s modern/ironic world we’re mired in self-serious entertainment, massive media consolidation, and the constant push to be new and relevant.  It’s tough to remember the days when an oddball magnet named Dr. Demento ruled the FM airwaves. Weekly, Dr. Demento brought into our homes and cars songs that were peppy, offbeat, and most of all F-U-N.
Beginning in 1970 and lasting in various forms through today (now on the internet). Demento introduced hundreds of novelty songs to towns across the country.
He fostered a community that spanned from ocean to ocean.

Dr. Demento’s website:

Over the next 4 decades the good Doctor (honorary title) preserved and discovered a huge variety of humorous musicians, aimed only at making us laugh, smile, sing along–and at their best, bust-a-gut!

We all know Weird Al Yankovic, and maybe also the vintage song deconstruction of Spike Jones. Demeto’s amazing joke-bag of giddy genius also gave the world the surreal Barnes & Barnes classic “Fish Heads” as well as perennial holiday goof “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”
Today there are Dr. Dememto Festivals across the country!

Not coincidentally, several Arizona based musicians have made it to the national airwaves thanks to Dr. Demento.  Has the desert Sun cooked their minds in a special musical way? Is it something in the water? Or more likely, is it the simple truth that there is talent everywhere working to be discovered?  It’s hard work creating novelty.  Writing a joke is hard–try it–now add to that the complication of setting a gag to music, and then making it catchy enough to punch through to public recognition?!

These 4 musicians aren’t just 3 chord goofs, but performers who’ve worked hard to make it look easy!

Tom Tuerff:  One of the best all around musicians we’ve ever heard. Don’t let the joke songs hide the fact that this guy can PLAY!

Page the Village Idiot: Probably the most bawdy act of the night, many cutting songs about our State.

Leslie Fish: “Filk” musician.  Leslie has been performing songs about space, Star Trek, as well as tunes based on Kipling, Ren-Fair material, and even the IWW since 1963. Leslie is opinionated, political, and blunt!

Justin Reed: Longtime Valley Radio fixture, and Rocky Horror alumni. Reed also works on the cable TV series ILLEGAL PROGRAMMING and VIDEO DIFFICULTIES, and his own show PANIC BUTTON. His tune “Part Time Job from Hell” was on Dr. Demento in 1988!

Hosted by Andy Olson of Radio Free Phoenix:

DESERT DEMENTIA is scheduled for one show only:

Saturday October 8th, 7:30pm doors at The Trunk Space (1506 NW Grand Ave).
This show is all ages, however we make no guarantee there won’t be some blue humor.
The cost is $6 per person.

Carla Bozulich: Brussles, Catbox, Airplane Exhaust

September 3rd, 2011

Carla Bozulich came to mainstream attention through her work with the 1990s alt country precursor wonder-group The Geraldine Fibbers.  However, even before those days Bozulich was well known in the noise and industrial music scene for her radically inventive work.  Suffice to say, she has been around and done a lot.

Carla was nice enough to fill out our SlideRule questionaire and relate some great, thoughtful anecdotes . . .

SLIDERULE: What’s the music scene like in your town?

Carla Bozulich: Well, I guess if I lived in a city, it would be Los Angeles. I actually just travel all the time and have [done so] for most of the last 5 years. I do know and love some things about LA. The Smell is the oldest of the best places and started with characters like Rod Poole, Clickitat Ikatowi and That Dog and Los Cincos, Polar Goldie Cats, The Uphill Gardners and the such. Scarnella, my duo with Nels Cline, played the 2nd show at the (old) Smell in I believe 1997 or ‘98.  The Smell has gotten to be so legendary because the scene there isn’t self-serving. Everyone pulls together to make it work and people don’t give each other shit for being cool or uncool or just starting out on their instruments. There’s a couple of great, small, improv and weirdo scenes in LA for people not right in the thick of it, but people find each other and it’s all the better because you have to really want it. One [of those scenes is] the older-school dudes [whom are] mostly influenced by free jazz and abstract sound and then some fractures and splinters of people who are into playing with whatever they find, [and doing so] wherever we can find each other. That’s not as easy as it seems in LA. Some bend circuits, some pervert or play beautiful classical stuff or mash up old punk records with gay tango or christian propaganda. There’s this place called the Machine Project that has shows and classes from everything from arc welding to max msp to sewing. There’s always tacos around.

SR: Favorite “on tour” food?

CB: Tacos

SR: What do you listen to when you’re driving?

CB: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Dead Science, Airplane Exhaust

SR: Craziest show? What happened?

CB: Oh lord, the truth is long and ugly, but I’ll tell it. I was in Ethyl Meatplow. This was a really, really, really long time ago. Half my life ago, and that’s long. We were on tour in Minneapolis, playing at the club where they filmed Purple Rain, except in the smaller room–7th Street Entry. The band opening for us was called Pachinko. I think the headliners were like, Helmet or The Cows, some good Am Rep band, God who was that? I know we loved them. Ethyl Meatplow formed during a time when the old punk rock had died and then, before Nirvana and all of them, there were only ex-punkers growing long hair and bleaching it or perming it and cowboy boots and make up and big sex-thruster guitars with Marshals and some kind of glam meats metal—-but not the good metal—-I mean, I know people probably love Guns And Roses now, but pity us who had to be there for that scene’s inception. It was awful to have all the clubs fill up with bad versions of bands that already sucked. In LA it was particularly disgusting, testosterone and pouty girls with boostiers and stilettos and so homophobic and misogynistic, everyone pouting all over each other. Oh Jesus, it was a mess. Meatplow was intentionally formed with no guitars and outward sicko sexual orientation, definite gender issues, mommy complexes, disco humping, gay drum machines, just to piss them off. The thing was, we found quickly there were people out there all over the USA that were waiting for us to come around. This was before Pansy Division, Team Dresh, Bikini Kill or Hole and we were the craziest thing besides the Mentors the queer kids had ever danced naked to or made out with on stage or whatever. The gayest thing you could get your hands on was Boy George and such—–and he was fun to look at and had a nice soft voice but none of those new wavers had any edge to them. Gay or straight or changing your mind right at the show—–it was just fun. We just had a blast fucking people up in a good way and life on the road was awesome, especially when we found an audience or person that didn’t want to have fun with us.

That night at the 7th Street Entry, these guys from Pachinko had been giving us attitude. We were on tour with the headliner and Pachinko wanted to play in the middle. In fact, the audience in general didn’t seem like they were gonna be the most anxious to do gay disco sex beats with us. Anyway, the show started and very soon after the other singer, Wee Wee, was out in the audience making goo goo “mama? mama?!” sounds (typical) and rubbing up on anyone he thought might not like it while me and Biff started a song. Wee Wee is a big, scary, bald dude with wild eyes and jail tattoos who screamed like an infant on laughing gas and crack when he wanted to and he wanted to. He sidled up to one of the hulking dudes in Pachinko. The guy didn’t know what to do with his manhood so he put out a cigarette on Wee Wee’s forehead and punched him in the face. Me and Biff stopped playing because we knew what Wee Wee was capable of. You could kind of hear everyone go, “uh oh.” Wee Wee didn’t punch him. He took off all his clothes and stood in the middle of the floor, which had cleared to the fringes of the room, and just started screaming like a stuck pig. The guy split. The lights were coating Wee Wee in a sickening hue. He was pouring sweat all over his body, face up to the lights screaming with blood dripping down his face—totally in his element. Me and Biff looked at each other and started playing hell-acious noise with our samplers (we had already heard Merzbow). This crescendo was the one most perfect 120 seconds of my musical life. When the club cut the power to the stage all you could hear was the 3 of us screaming and Biff’s drums slamming away. Bliss.

SR: Favorite side dish w/ any meal?

CB: Spinach sauteed with garlic and maybe some lemon on there.

SR: Least liked member of the band?

CB: Tara. she’s always putting bong water in my cereal.

SR: Finish this sentence: The Simpsons stopped being funny after . . .

CB: After the one where Flanders puts a cig out on Homer’s forehead and all hell breaks loose?

SR: Grossest place you’ve slept or eaten?

CB: Waking up discovering the spot of floor I slept on in some one’s house in Philly was situated so my mouth basically grazed the catbox.

SR: If your van broke down in [name a town] you’d stay because . . . ?

CB: I like Brussels. It’s pretty. The cafes are laid back. The people are super nice. The underground music scene is really interesting and diverse and filled with people making things and helping each other. LA is still great for 1000 reasons—–it’s a great place to fight for your right to search and search until you find one of a hundred tiny, fertile little scenes that are making things by hand and with love.

FORMICA MAN: sandwiches, Blink 182, and Jerry Seinfeld

September 3rd, 2011

Portland Oregon’s FORMICA MAN play rough indie punk. They will be in Phoenix on Wed. Sept 14th.

Of interest to longtime AZ music fans is the fact that Flagstaff’s own Aubrey Horner features prominently in the band. Previously Aubrey was in well regarded Flagstaff acts such as Red Dress Press and Baby Geko!
Formica Man were kind enough to answer some questions for the Trunk Space ‘zine, The Slide Rule, Sept 2011 issue. Unfortunately, we ran out of room, so here it is in full glory . . .

Sliderule: What’s the music scene like in your town?

Formica Man: Pretty over-saturated at this point, but with a lot of really good bands.

SR: Favorite “on tour” food?

FM: We’re gonna try and stick with an all fruit roll-up diet. In fact, we’ll probably also use fruit roll-ups as our clothes and as our instruments, since they are a multi-functional food.

SR: What do you listen to when you’re driving?

FM: I expect we’ll be listening to a lot of Longmont Potion Castle.

SR: Craziest show? What happened?

FM: The one where we got free sandwiches.

SR: Favorite side dish with any meal?

FM: Sandwiches.

SR: Least liked member of the band?

FM: Mason, he’s got a real ‘tude on him.

SR: Finish this sentence: The Simpsons stopped being funny after . . .

FM: The low point was probably when Blink 182 and Tony Hawk were guests around season 14, but Eddy and Dustin might disagree since Blink 182 is one of their all time favorite bands, all joking aside.

SR: Grossest place you’ve slept or eaten?

FM: The grossest place I’ve ever slept has also been the grossest place I’ve ever eaten: garbage bag.

SR: If your van broke down in [name a town] you’d stay because . . . ?

FM: If our van broke down in Phoenix, we’d stay because my mom would keep us alive.

SR: What do you do when you’re not playing music?

FM: We read Jerry Seinfeld’s autobiography: Sein Language.

Oct.3rd: Kingdom of Survival: survivalist philosophy, radical politics, outlaw culture.

September 3rd, 2011

“We have to go within, man. We have to go within and find something that brings joy to our souls.” -Will “The Bull” Taylor

The Kingdom of Survival explores modern skepticism in America, challenges the status quo and uncovers provocative links between survivalist philosophy, ecumenical spirituality, radical political theory, and outlaw culture. The audience is invited into a thoughtful conversation with the likes of Prof. Noam Chomsky, Dr. Mark Mirabello, Mike Oehler, and the riveting final interview with beloved author, Joe Bageant. These unique thought leaders cast a rare shadow of doubt over our most blindly accepted American traditions.


By framing this journey in a cross-country travelogue, writer/director M.A. Littler connects art, religion, academia, alternative media, utopianism, anarchism, globalized capitalism and radical fringe philosophy in an elegant American tapestry.  By remaining impartial to the subjects, the film is able to honestly investigate the physical and psychological practices of diverse individuals in a conflict-ridden and confused post-modern world. In a time of brainwashing corporate and political propaganda, “The Kingdom of Survival” reunites us with the life-changing spirit of the outlaw highway.

Director M.A. Littler: Raised in the old world and the new world, at airports, on junkyards, in motels and restaurants Littler found employment as a bouncer, barkeeper, cab driver, translator, and journalist–even as an ambulance driver. Inevitably all of these jobs were short-lived.  In his films and writing he has displayed an unhidden affinity for outsiders of all sorts–radical intellectuals, outlaw historians, marginalized artists, obscure musicians and holy con men. When asked about this, Littler says: “I’m interested in people who dance to their own beat, prototypes who fix their radio with a blow torch.”  The documentary KINGDOM OF SURVIVAL is a reflection of Littler’s life experience.

Press for KOS:
Film Threat : “Few could make this film.  Scratch that.  Nobody else could make this film.  It’s too personal.  This is the director’s wake-up call to the sleeping, and rallying point for those who are already on this path of consigning the current political and social culture to the trash heap.” (

Kick Him, Honey: “I come across a work like this one I’m incredibly thankful. It’s the kind of thing you almost think can’t exist until you see it: a rich and beautiful movie that leaves you satisfied, without ever trying to give cheap answers to the unanswerable.” (

KOS Producer Alexander Hebert: Raised from childhood all over the globe, from first to third world countries; such diverse locales of the Philippines, Nepal, Colorado, Switzerland and the UK. He’s seen revolutions first hand,  played drums with blues legends, and once catered a dinner party for the Ambassadors of Turkey and Israel. His working life has included stints as a pizza delivery boy, waiter, and Community Development Consultant in war-torn Serbia.

Sept. at Trunk Space. Final Update

August 13th, 2011

ALL Sept 2011. Events @ The Trunk Space
Doors @ 7:30PM unless otherwise noted
Most shows $6.00 unless otherwise noted


Thurs. 1st: on tour NEIGHBORS w/ SPILLWAY. Hosted by Tristan w/ Hello The Mind Control and others TBA.
Throwback type rock vibes.

Fri. 2nd, 6-9pm: First Friday Artist’s reception, featuring “Character: the 44 presidents” drawn by Tommy Cannon.

Sat. 3rd: The blistered fingers of PACKRAT says goodbye to founding member Emmett Thatcher. We might just get choked-up, hold a lighter in the air. St. RANGER, NEPTuNES, The CONSTELLATION BRANCH. Great setup of local awesomeness.

Mon. Sept 5: JAPANDRIODS. Hosted by Stateside Presents! “Vibrant, sugary Vancouver two-piece punk”.

Fri. 9th: CARLA BOZULICH! founder of uber-influential 90s alt-country band Geraldine Fibbers, as well as Evangelista & Ethyl Meatplow. Style that runs from alt-country to outsider noise. w/ locals Tobie Milford and Where Dead Voices Gather.


Sat. 10th: on tour from NM., GREAT WHITE BUFFALO & RED VS. BLACK! Hosted by Tristan! Hard punk from our eastern neighbors!

Tues. 13th: Seattle WA., brings the joy of non-promiscuous heavy rock! MONOGAMY PARTY. w/ locals Christian Science Monitor Lizard and Hand of Thrawn!

Wed. 14th: from Flagstaff by way of Portland OR. FORMICA MAN! Feat’ Aubrey Hornor from Flagstaff’s Baby Gecko! w/ locals Vegetable and James Fella!


Thurs. 15th: FLUKE ‘zine presents JOE EBOLA & THE CHICKEN MACNUGGITS” on tour w/ TORNADO RIDER!  Oddball Punk! +Haymarket Squares and Empire of the Bear!

Fri. 16th, 6-9pm: 3rd Friday Artist’s Reception, featuring new work by LUSTER KABOOM! Trippy & beautiful!


Fri. 16th, 9pm: HUNGER ARTISTS going away show. Troy & Thomas are taking their love affair to Indiana to live w/ French Morgan. Also featuring Green Light District, Drunk & Horny, + Longan Green from Tucson & a Flagstaff band tba.

Sat. 17th: on tour from NYC, FINDING FICTION presented by The Color Group. w/ Owl & Penny, The Muddy Moneys . FF described by as, “They rock hard and play harder with the grime, guttural rawness expected from NYC indie-bands.”


Sun. 18th: FISHBOY, very awesome indie-pop in tour from TX! w/ Hello The Mind Control, Fortune Cookie, and more tba.
Fishboy blew us away when they were here last, we expect a repeat performance!

Mon. 19th: BAD WEATHER CALIFORNIA on the road from CO! Indie rock at it’s best, most thoughtful, and fun. “Trying not to go overboard about BWC is going to be tough, but Jesus, way to steal the show”–  w/ Yus, A Ghost is a Ghost (Ryan Nelson), and French Quarter–perfect chance to pick of Stephen’s new LP!

Tues. 20th: On tour from Brooklyn NY, the SHONDES. Queer/Jewish Radical Rock, from SPIN Magazine, “Shonde is Yiddish for ’shame’, or a ‘disgrace’, a concept of which they readily embrace, twist and reincorporate in their tales of queer and Jewish identity trappings.” Local support from Scrupulous and Waytansea Point.  Special guest IL ABANICO from MA.

Wed. 21st: TANGO hosted by Ravi! Learn some new steps, or brush up on some old ones.

$5 per dancer.

Fri. Sept 23rd: RYAT awesome big beat dance party from Phili! On tour with PRETZLCOAT and multi-media artist ANNAPURNA PUMAR doing live video projection! w/ local gothers Lovesong, electronics & lights from Tribal Leader folk musician Sareena Dominguez, special guest Colorstore!

Sat. 24th: Tammie Coe showcase with Wizards of Time, Yairms, Ovals, Douglas Patton Experience, Coats & Villa.

Sun 25th: Daryl Sherrer hosts YOU ARE PLURAL, along w/ “ST. ST.” from Tucson. w/ Jellied Brainz. A night for folk-pop w/ a touch of torch and twang.

Tues. 27th: Improv Classes hosted by Jose from The Torch Theatre, performers from UPRIGHT CITIZEN’S BRIGADE!  Details tba.

Wed. 28, 8-9pm: Story Time Improv! Featuring Apollo 12 and Unicorn Warpath! Pre-School for adults. We lay out blankets and pillows on the floor and invite everyone to gather round.   We definitely want it to feel like kindergarten.

Fri. 30th: NURSES on tour w/ DOMINANT LEGS. Hosted by Stateside Present.


Katy Davidson (aka Dear Nora) released new project Key Losers!

August 13th, 2011

Long time Trunk Space friend, and one of our fav’ out-a-town acts Katy Davidson has released her new project after many years of development! It’s being released by Mt. Eerie’s Elverum imprin. You can stream it here:


August 2011: Summer fun under the blazing Sun!

July 28th, 2011

ALL August 2011 Events @ The Trunk Space
Doors @ 7:30PM unless otherwise noted

Mon. 1st: Psyko Steve presents CATNAPS “twee/cuddle core” on tour from Phili! w/ Skinny Shamans

Tues. 2nd: BKL Presents ANATOMY OF FRANK on tour from VA. w/ Cody Lima, Them Savages (FLG), Bryant Vazquez FLG). An all acoustic night!

Wed. 3rd: WOODS on tour w/ WHITE FENCE! Presented by SELECT Concerts.


Fri. 5th 6-9pm: First Friday! Last chance to see “The Grid: Here & Gone”! Lost treasures of PHX architecture revealed.

Fri. 5th, 9pm: DESTROY NATE ALLEN on tour! Super upbeat posi-folk-punk! w/ quirk-miester Snail Quail, and cow-punkers Shortstack Lightning!

Mon. 8th: UGH GOD muddy-jams from Phili on tour w/ FAT HISTORY MONTH from MA. Hosted by Packrat w/ Naw Meen, Airshark, and Local Indigenous Personnel! Lots of psyk, experimental, and instrumental styles.

Tues. 9th: Indie punkers YOU ME & US (Cali). Local buddies Hunger Artists and others tba.


Wed. 10th: SELECT Concerts presents WRITER, CULTS, and GUARDS! “Intensity that is vaguely reminiscent of late 90s acts the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel, while bringing that west coast feel” -from ‘Death and Taxes’


Thurs. 11th: THE YELLOW DRESS, on tour w/ A GIRL NAMED T & MR. ANDREW! Upbeat indie pop. w/ Locals Green Light District, and The Snails.

Fri. 12th: SELECT presents GARDENS & VILLA, etherial pop music from Cali. locals tbd.

Sat. 13th: DROUGHT on tour from NM. w/ RITUALS, TWIN GIANT, and WHITE CHURCH. Hosted by our ol’ buddy Greg!

Tues. 16th: on tour from Canada, THIS CITY DEFECTS. Hosted by Packrat w/ more tba

* * * Wed. 17th: 3 touring acts: LETTERS (Olympia), CHRISTINA ANTIPA (Cali) w/ special guest WEED from Canada.
Local support from Abusive Consumer, Paul Arambula (Vegetable), and Baron Neces.


Thurs. 18th: Jack the Cat hosts a night of ska with SKATTER BOMB from (OR) and OTRO DESPERDICIO (Cali)!

Fri. 19th: Artists reception for The Presidents, by Tommy Cannon. Featuring charactertures of all our Commanders in Chiefs. Tommy is an amazing artist and his work is insightful and humorous.

Sat. 20th: The birthday Roast of Howard Phillips “H. P.” Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937). Hosted by Featuring Archbishop Jason Polland, Arcana Collective, and hosted by Cult of the Yellow Sign. More tba!

***Sun. 21st: BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! (NY, Asian Man Records) An awesome indie rock explosion! On tour w/ SIDEKICKS (OH), +locals Empire of the Bear, and Dogbreth!

Wed. 24th: Story Time Improv! Featuring Apollo 12 and Unicorn Warpath! Pre-School for adults. We lay out blankets and pillows on the floor and invite everyone to gather round. We definitely want it to feel like kindergarten.

Tues. 30th: SELECT Concerts presents MAN/MIRACLE–weird and loud guitar pop from oakland.

Wed. 31st: the KOLLECTIVE presents FAKE BOYS, “Fast, angry and aggressive. They play 90?s style punk rock with mind blowing melodies that will suck you in and hook you right along.” –

July 2011 at Trunk Space: Circus, Animation, Accordions–all on tour!

June 26th, 2011

ALL July 2011. Events @ The Trunk Space
Doors @ 7PM unless otherwise noted
Most shows $6.00 unless otherwise noted

Fri. 1st 6-9pm: First Friday! The Grid: Here & Gone! Lost treasures of PHX architecture revealed. FREE!

Sat. 2nd, 7-9pm: Unscripted Longform theater by GALAPAGOS! THE LAST Nieghborhood/Bingo Jam @ Trunk Space! Come one come all as our Torch friends start a new book in PHX’s improv saga!

Sat. 2nd, 9pm: The Strange Family Circus goodbye show. The Stranges are leaving town for a month, come help ‘em raise some gas money–they got kids ya’ll!
We’ll also do a door prize for Vespertine Circus Tickets (show on the 5th)!

Sun 3rd: Tyler Blue host NEW SCIENCE PROJECT and REAL LIVE TIGERS, mad mad folk on tour!


Tues. 5th: The VESPERTINE CIRCUS! 6 person multi-talented performers who have shared stages with acrobats & trapeze artists from both Cirque Du Soilei and Ringling Barnum & Baileys!


Wed. 6th: Select presents TAPE DECK MOUNTAIN! with St. Ranger and Knesset, Of The Sky!

Thurs. 7th: on tour, ZOO (alum of Little Teeth), +Sungsang LP Release, and RUSSIAN TSARLAG, SHV, & SECRET BOYFRIEND! Blizardly noise, and more. Very eclectic night presented in conjunction w/ Yellow Canary Dance Hall!

Fro. 8th: Long-form soundscape art performance by gkfoes vjgoaf & WYLD WYZRDZ with locals Good Amount (Chirstian Filard), Tribal Leader, and Josh Bennett.
Peaceful vibes and hypnotic tones.

Sat. 9th: KEPI GHOULIE (Groovie Ghoulies alum) on tour w/ PETS and DOG PARTY (tween punk!) w/ locals Dogbreth, +Kids Day (tentative) and Sean “SMOKE WIZARD” Bonnette (tentative)! A night up rock-n-roll and fun!

Thurs. 14th: Pop rockers THE EASTERN SEA on tour, w/ local support from Brother Adrian and more tba.

Fri. 15th 6-9pm: It’s our 3rd Friday Artist Reception! Featuring THE GRID: HERE & GONE. This year, learn about some of the nationally know famous [and infamous] locals our town holds dear–and nearly forgotten.

Fri. 15th, 9pm: Dogbreth hosts “Self Proclaimed Narcissist” anarko-folk-punk. w/ Ariana Marie and Rainbow!

Sat. 16th: On tour from Canada, funster-punksters SLAM DUNK! w/ local support Boss Frogs Discount Activities and more dRainbow!

Mon. 18th: Gren Radcliff hosts a night of comedy, w/ Sophie Fisher and John Higbee. +Music from The Dreaded Post-Modernists and The Hunger Artists and Luke Rook.

Tues. 19th: touring animation artist STEFAN GRUEBER, film showcase on tour, featuring “Both Worlds”. An interactive evening of stories with live voice & sound-track! Local support from Good Amount/Holy Page Records.


Wed. 20th: Tango?! In Summer?! Well, we’ll find out! hosted by Ravi! Learn some new steps, or brush up your best numbers. $5 per person.

Thurs. 21st: Select presents CHER HOROWITZ (lady punx)! w/ locals Female Trouble (keyboard punx), Fiesty Felines (surf-pux) and more tba!

Fri. 22nd: the DOGBRETH & HELLO THE MIND CONTROL tour kickoff! A whole bunch of our friends are hitting the road for a month of fun, rock, and filling gas tanks. Come help ‘em raise some scratch! THIS SHOW WILL BE A BLAST!

Sat. 23rd: SLUTEVER, sleazy grit-punk on tour. w/ JJCnV and more TBA.

Sun. 24th: on tour EXTRA LIFE w/ SAM MICKENS (Dead Science) w/ James Fella and DOTH–Preston’s last show!

Tues. 26th: on tour, DRIFTLESS PONY CLUB! w/ Shortstack Lightning, special guest from Tucson Luke Romano, and more tba. Hosted by!

Wed. 27th, 8-9pm: Story Time Improv! Featuring Apollo 12 and Unicorn Warpath! Pre-School for adults. We lay out blankets and pillows on the floor and invite everyone to gather round. We definitely want it to feel like kindergarten.

Thurs. 28th: THE BINARY MARKETING SHOW. Awesome touring band that’s mix of Joy Division, Lou Reed, and Animal Collective. w/ Waytansea Point, Yus, and Josh Kenyon Eells.

Fri. 29th: FINDING GRAMPA’S MONSTERS reunion show! One of our fav’ folkie acts gets back together for 1 night of fun! w/ Where Are All The Buffalo, The West Valley, and Jive Talkin’ Robot (acoustic hiphop).

Sat. 30th: DUCKMANDU m*ther f*ckin’ hardcore accordion music! Punk rock, parodies, and traditional squeezebox masterpieces! Special guest Andrew (Haunted Cologne) Jemsek! Others tbd.


Stryper, “The Covering” reviewed

May 25th, 2011

Recently the iconic 80s Christian glam metal band Stryper released a new collection of cover songs.
Not wanting to let this cultural milestone slip by without notice, Trunk Space recruited local metal fiend, blogger, and shizzfriend Tim [Negicore] Neilson to listen and provide a review . . .

“with his stripes we are healed” ~Isaiah 53:5

Chances are you aren’t too familiar with this bible verse, but maybe slightly more so with the 1980’s Christian Heavy Metal Band that took their name from this verse, Stryper! You may have seen ironic hipsters sport their shirts, or seen Juno wear one in that movie where she is a roller derby queen. Maybe if you are slightly older you recall their name or videos on Dial MTV, sort of an early TRL. Often mocked and disregarded, and deemed silly by even 80’s hair metal standards, they did give plenty of ammunition to the ridicule, they looked ridiculous, in their yellow and black, often striped spandex, lead singer Michael Sweet had a high, pretty and, well sort of sweet, girlie voice. Oh and they were, as I mentioned, Christian!

Now in this modern area where it seems a lot of bands embrace their faith, heavy hitters like Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBain, Megadeth grouch Dave Mustain, and even, gasp!, Slayer front man Tom Araya don’t make a secret of their beliefs. In the decadent 80’s it seemed impossible that a band could play heavy metal, and serve the lord. Well, my friends, Stryper was that band that showed everyone that guitar solos didn’t all stem from the pits below, and rock Satan out of heavy metal, and show you the way to everlasting life through the Lord Jesus Christ!

Along the way Stryper made some fuckin’ fantastic records, their debut EP, the aptly titled, Yellow And Black Attack! caught some attention, maybe partly due to the Christian Heavy Metal gimmick. But follow up, and major label debut Soldiers Under Command sold very well, and had some great songs on it as well. Their third, and best, record was the breakthrough; with controversial title and cover art, To Hell With The Devil. They were all over MTV, major metal magazines, and became a household name, if your household sported the sprayed hair, a touch of make up, of the pop metal of the 1980’s.

This was where I became aware of Stryper, and have honestly loved them ever since. At a very early age I sought out music, combing through record stores, magazines and MTV. Not very imaginative maybe, but fuck I was eleven! The Christian thing in the heavy metal world seemed cool to me, even if I wasn’t buying the message, it was at least different. The fact that through Junior High school my classmates hated Stryper, and gave me shit for rocking the shirts and buttons, didn’t deter me, I didn’t give a fuck, they were good, certainly better than White Lion or whatever.

The follow up, and fourth record, In God We Trust, I patiently waited for, this would certainly be amazing! They had broken through, gotten people, even idiots like me, to listen to them no matter the message. I wish I could tell you that the record was awesome, but it was kind of lame. Remember how everyone freaked out over Motley Crue’s Theater Of Pain but in truth it lacked any substance? That is sort of how this record was. I went out and bought the “Always There For You” 45, which I still have, the day it came out, and did the same for the full length, and there are a few great songs on it, sort of like Motley’s Theater, but also like that album, had no meat. I was letdown, and as I approached high school age, I gave up on them and found punk. They released a couple more records, ditched the yellow and black, and got even more radio friendly, and sounded awful.

As time went on, I still collected records and shit from their yellow and black clad golden years, but gave up on them as a functioning current band, which they had halted a few times over the years. I even went to two shows in the last few years, and they still ripped live. Once, I even caught a Stryper sticker covered bible! A feat I dreamt of during their heyday. I do find it curious that both my friend Armando and I were the only people drinking at the show, and both got bibles. I still say they were aiming for us, knowing we were sinners and drinkers, looking to show us the light! Who gives a fuck, we met them after and I got my LTD cover To Hell With The Devil LP signed!

Which brings us to 2011 Stryper, and their latest album, the 12 out 13 cover song release, The Covering. (Stryper was never very creative with titles, nor subtle) At first glace, it’s a great collection of awesome songs by elite hard rock and heavy metal artists. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, UFO, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Kiss, Scorpions, Deep Purple, and even Sweet! Gotta admit, I was stoked! Threw it in the cd player and for the first few songs I was pumped, Stryper rocking the giants of secular rock! Then I picked up on a trend running throughout the CD. The biggest and greatest voices were all featured, Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, Robert Plant, Bruce Dickenson, Paul Stanley, etc…and the music was not very different, so what was the point? And I think any band attempting covers, especially of such huge artists; they have to ask what the point is. Well I am going to play the great explainer, and tackle this question. To show off Michael Sweet’s amazing voice, often overlooked by the major rock critics! If nothing else you have to say the dudes got pipes.

Okay, so now what? Nothing, that’s what. This record is fuckin’ lame, and believe me it pains me to say so. Covers albums rank with live albums and greatest hits albums, mostly pointless. The sad thing is, the best track on this whole record is the new original, (remember what I said about their unoriginal blatant titles?) “God”. Seriously it’s good, on par with older shit from their glory days. But wasted, tacked on to the end of a stupid covers album….

~Johnny Volume
Check out my blog, with pictures of my stupid
amount of Stryper records.